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Dancing in the Street

UCSCC Youth Council 

The Youth Council is a youth-driven group made up of teens from all over Union County who have a desire to be engaged in change and are working toward a safe, healthy, drug-free community.

Youth involvement in drug prevention initiatives can help them:  

  • Develop new friendships

  • Acquire new skills

  • Instill positive social supports 

  • Build self-confidence

  • Cultivate leadership skills

For more information on how to get involved email:


Peer Messaging

Youth are equipped with the knowledge and ability to present prevention strategies and education to peers. 

Prevention Trainings 

Youth are presented with opportunities to attend local and national trainings.


Leadership Development 

How do we get to success? Learning, practice, persistence, and self-worth are keys to success and growth. Throughout a youth membership, opportunities are given to youth to build a drive for achievement. 


Youth Council members have the chance to identify, organize, and host age-appropriate, drug-free, adult-supervised alternative activities to prevent substance use. 

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